“Llévate los recuerdos, yo no los quiero.”

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I just love clouds.

“Estúpido es el que piensa que ignorando a alguien puede solucionar algún problema.”

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“Eres fantástica. Tú no puedes saberlo.”

Bajo la misma estrella ( John Green)




The people should not be afraid of their government. The

government should be afraid of their people.

Holy fucking shit is this relevant.

This needs 1 million notes

Reblog this every fucking time I see it


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“Después de tanto tiempo, tus actitudes aún me afectan.”

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“Todos somos el error de alguien.”

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sometimes i’m drinking something and i can feel it spilling on me but i just keep drinking because i don’t care about anything anymore

“In the end I want it to be you.”

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